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How To Dress Smart When You Are Overweight

Being overweight doesn’t mean you have to dress like a mattress. You can follow the latest styles and fashions on the runway as long as you pick the right clothing to elevate your looks. Most overweight people try to deny that they are overweight and dress as if they were size 6 this is not going to do you any help in looking smart and sharp. Here are few tips on how to dress smart.

Pick the right colours
When you wear clothes you need to pick the right colours. Note that light colours make you look big while dark colours hide the real size. So whenever you buy cloths make sure to mix the combinations of these colours. For example if you are buying plus size vintage dresses online make sure to get dark colours and if possible you can wear a light colored belt to elevate the waist. So it doesn’t make you look like a barrel. Also when choosing pants if your thighs are bigger then avoid wearing light colored pants instead wear dark colours and preferably contoured pants. If your top part is big then wear dark colored blouses and shirts.

Ditch the baggy clothing
Most of you might think by wearing baggy clothing will hide your bulging parts, but this is not a suitable way to dress smart if you are overweight. Baggier the cloths you wear bigger you look. Always wear a body fitting clothes that fits your shape, this way you can avoid looking fatter. For example if you are buying plus size vintage dresses online make sure they are fitting properly. Don’t buy bigger sizes than you need. It will only look odd and ugly, check this out for plus size maxi dresses.

Careful with the patterned clothing
If the material of the clothing item has a pattern be careful of this. If the pattern is big then it will make you look bigger. Always go for patterns like small polka dots, hearts and stripes. Avoid wearing clothes with huge sunflowers, huge floral patterns etc. Smaller patterns will make you small and cute. Also the color combination of the patterns also matter. If the material id dark colored and the polka dots are white or light colored this is fine. But if the material is light colored like white and the polka dots are dark colours avoid picking materials like this too.

Carry huge handbags
When you carry a huge handbag like tote, it helps to make you look smaller. If you carry tiny handbags, you will look extra big because the hand bag next to you is small. Also when selecting colours for the hand bag, make sure it contrasts with what you wear. If you wear light colored clothing, don’t take a light colored huge hand bag, this is a disaster, bring a dark huge hang bag to make you look smaller by covering parts of your body.

Look Amazing In Swimwear

There is so much talk about having bikini body that may people who are not so thin have unknowing shied away from wearing any form of swim wear. Today swimming at the pool at the beach seems like such a difficult task for many people all; because the focus has gradually shifted from the real thing which is swimming to what people are wearing and how they look in what they are wearing.

Nevertheless, the time is right for people to come out this web that they have been captured into and live freely. You don’t have to have the so called bikini body to be able to wear tigerlily with satisfied and confident and have a good time at the beach or pool. It is time to stop letting other people’s view of what you should look like get in the way. Granted you have to eat healthy but as far as some of us are concerned, having a bikini body is not our idea of being healthy. That said, you can still look fabulous in your swimwear even if you wouldn’t be admitted in a model contest. This is how to look great in any swimwear.

Be yourself

You went to the beach or pool to swim not to be looking at how thin or how fat your fellow swimmers are. The next time you go the pool side; do exactly what you came to do there. Just swim and enjoy. When you are done get out and leave. Try not to notice what others are wearing. It is not really your business and it is only way you down at the end of the day.

Have the right attitude

Some people will look good even in the worst outfit and you wonder why? Because of the way they feel about themselves. It is not so much about how others see us in swimwear It is more about how we see ourselves. If we see ourselves as sexy, we will come across as sexy. So please don’t blame the swimwear or your body. Blame yourself for not feeling happy about whom you are.

Get the right swimming outfit

One reason people may tend to look so out of place is because they always seem to wear the wrong outfit for their body type. There is nothing wrong in being bulky. However, when you go to buy something wear, make sure you buy what is right for your body.

Take care of your body

Apart from what you wear, how you look will also determine whether you draw stares for all the right reason. Before going out to swim, make sure you have removed all unsightly pubic hair. Also exfoliate your skin so you have a wonderful glow. When your skin looks so good, people will hardly notice what you are wearing.