Here Are 7 Hacks To Stay Cool With Your Winter Dressing

Your entire outfit plan can be damaged when you have lost some of your coat buttons or simply the runner of your jeans is broken. A simple matter like this can never disturb your style or party outlook. Here are the hacks that will save you in each style mishaps. Have a look and many of your everyday problems will be solved.

1. Yellow stains of deodorants: You bought some fashionable clothes from stores that sell contemporary ladies clothing online. But it has been stained for deodorant usage. Mixture of hydrogen Peroxide, water and baking soda will work as an instant magic to remove the yellow stains of your deodorant.

2. Red wine stain on your favorite outfit: You have to skip the new dress that you bought from a contemporary ladies clothing online store for your next party as it is ruined by the red wine stains. Put some club soda on the stain and let‘s blot it with a wet cloth. The stain will be removed soon.

3. Use a key: When you find the runner is broken, add a small key instead. Your jeans will not go off or lower your style statement will not be affected at all. What are thinking now? Yes, you read it right. A small key can resolve your problem of broken runner. If a zipper keeps stammering on its way to up and down, rub some Vaseline or crayon wax to make it smoother on the teeth. Whether your jeans or coat needs the treatment, go for it.

4. Stains on leather bag: Often you are ready for the party and the leather bag betrays. Due to long time storage in the wardrobe, your leather bag gets stained. Take some cold water and vinegar. Soak a cloth into the mixture and wipe it out. The stains are just vanished.

5. Bad looking under garments: When your underwear starts looking too bad, add some moleskin to cover it. The bad looking lines of underwear will be hidden well.

6. Removal of sweater pills: Stop using hand for removing the sweater pills. Take up your pumice stone, sweater pill brushes or combs to brush up the sweater pills.

7. Preventing the fading of dark shaded jeans: Losing the dark shades of your jeans is a common problem and your look is affected by it. Expensive dresses often look too cheap due to such fading issue. So why don’t you preserve it? Here is the easiest way. Use distilled vinegar for holding this dark shades.
Try these hacks and let us know which one worked the best for you.