The Evolution of Fashion Throughout The Years


The fact that fashion is an incredibly versatile concept is displayed through the variety of clothing styles which dominated for instance, the 80s. Oversized blouses with shoulder pads and polo shirts showcased a time when disco balls and Bob Marley songs accompanied the dance floor. The thing with trends is that it never stays long. Sometimes when an exceptionally unique style is discovered, it survives because it is modified and reused. Fashion displays not only the current grasp the world has in terms of development, it also displays character.

How Society Has Been Affected By Continuous Change

Times have changed and the cost of just about everything has skyrocketed. Quality is no longer the major focus. Fashion companies stake out the hottest new trend to hit the block. Thereafter imitations are developed down the line with prospective customers being thrilled at the fact that designs worn on the ramp are available at a lower price. This is the threat posed to new designers. Eventually the public will want unique designs, branded or not. The younger generation’s take on things is exactly what is required in order to modify burnt-out concepts or introduce something new to the field. With inspiration obtained in the form of books, magazines and the Internet, this is achieved. For instance, men and womens clothing is redefined harboring mainly the company’s vision in mind.

Sometimes when inspiration slows down, professional fashion experts are consulted in the matter of what would grab the public eye in the future. Womens clothing in Auckland has now hit the market addressed at completely different angles producing masterpieces that has women grappling all over the world to call their own. Rationally speaking, this is more an issue about profit and less about giving the customers what they actually want. Many designers have fallen into traps where, young as they are, not much is known about the fashion industry and what it entails. The resulting credit goes to the brand and not the designer. Constantly pressured to bring distinctively new ideas to the table, he/she is eventually confused as to what their vision is, almost losing their identity in the process.

Sustainability is a key requirement in clothing. Yet just like quality, this too is dropped in the name of profit and the public’s interest starts to waver. It’s an intimidating cycle. But in a world where technology is advanced and everything is eating everything in order to move up the ladder, this might have been expected. Maybe someday it might do a complete 180 and push up the true meaning of fashion.