The Film Industry And Its Major Impacts On Society

The film industry in many countries has grown into one of their major income earning sources. USA, India, England, Australia and many other countries around the world have very well established film industries and cinema has become one of the major contributors to their GDP. More enthusiasm towards entertainment and leisure activities by a country’s people shows the level of human development and their income levels. Cinematography sees through the society and emphasizes different aspects and classes of society and helps people to think and be creative. It helps a society to build as well as an economy to improve. Once a movie arrives for the first time in a theatre most people are enthralled by the famous celebrities and the renowned producers and the directors. Very few would notice the battle behind the screen. There are a variety of jobs available in the film industry and many other sub businesses and support services that are part and parcel of the film industry.

The largest box office markets are in USA, China and Japan whereas in the number of movies produced during a year USA and India are at the top of the list. The USA film industry, most commonly referred to as Hollywood is also the oldest film industry of the world and was able to produce world’s highest grossing movies like Gone with the wind, Avatar and Titanic. The academy awards or the Oscars are the award ceremony which is being held each year to evaluate and appreciate the movies released in a particular year, in the USA.

The Australian film industry on the other hand begins in the year 1906 with the production of the first Australian movie, the story of the Kelly gang. There are a number of Australian movie stars who are top ranking celebrities in Holly wood as well such as Russell Crowe, Nicole Kidman, Guy Pearce, Hugh Jackman, Cate Blanchett and Naomi Watts. Many famous movies for example ghost rider, charlotte’s web and the interview were filmed in Melbourne with the help of Australian actors, cameramen, crew members and expert makeup artist.

Bollywood is the Hindi movie producing industry in India which is based in India’s entertainment capital, Mumbai. Bollywood movies are popular for colorful clothes and sceneries, stunning dances and pleasant music. There is a trend in the industry to shoot movies away from India, mainly in USA, England and Australia with the help of crew and makeup artist and other such cities. Hindi movies are often produced for all audiences and they avoid catering to particular segments in the society as broad spectrum generates grander profits.

However the economic impact on movies is far greater than we think. As the income levels of people rise, they prefer to spend more on entertainment. There are a number of jobs available in the film industry and there are support services such as studio facilities, transportation facilities and fashion industry that are joint with cinema and theatre.