The Importance Of Extra-Curricular Activities For School-Children

Education is undoubtedly one of the most important gifts you can give yourself. It is the one thing that can never be taken from you, and hence surpass any value any material things you acquire can give you. It allows you to learn new things, expand your mind, and prepare for your future successes as well as failures.

For these reasons and more, education is compulsory in almost every single country in the world. While some countries have one further and made school compulsory from ages 6-18, others, usually in the developing areas of the world insist on at least compulsory basic primary education.

While subjects such as mathematics, history, and science can indeed be beneficial throughout your life, there is another segment that is of equal value, especially to young influence able children. This is a vast category considered to be extra-curricular activities in school. They represent everything from sports to art, and focus on the parallel elements of a theoretical book-based education.

Sports are essential to the need son a young child. Not only does it allow them to learn team work, but it also builds character. The goal-oriented sports are extra beneficial in instilling goal-based progress in young minds so that they learn to not give up until they have achieved their target.

Music, art, drama, and dance fall into another set of activities. In the world of extra-curricular activities, these are usually not given as much recognition as the standard stream of education or even sports. Many people still consider them to be “dead-end” paths in life, and believe these passions should only be reserved as hobbies and not actual careers or lifestyles. This results in discouraged children that grow up into bitter adults.

Introducing your young child to the beautiful world of music and dance can be as simple as getting her a pair of ballet shoes and signing her up for dance classes. The joy she would feel in a fun and creative experience such as dance will help her stay a happy child. Dance too, especially ballet, similar to sports, teaches the benefits of hard work, discipline and persistence.

If you are a working mom with a tough schedule, you can simply look up children’s dance wear online and get your child the tools he or she needs to express themselves.

So the next time you are faced with a not so impressive school report from your child, understand that they all have different capabilities; they are all good at something. Allowing them to dream, perform, and enjoy their passions will allow them to become the best version of their own selves.