The Six Musts Of A Belly Button Piercing

Now that you have a belly button piercing you need to ditch the old cleaning and beauty routine and adhere to a new one, fit for your new body jewellery. Most of the times, the piercing shop technician is going to lecture you about what to do and what not to do after a piercing. The instructions given by him is not only valuable but it saves your skin and your belly. It never harms to have the six must dos on your eyes once more. So here are the six musts that you should follow.

Don’t play with it

One of the easiest ways to get an infection is to play with your new belly button rings. The movement is not only going to feel funny or painful, but it will also push germs you naturally have on the body into the new wound. The result is going to be an infection, so keep your hands off the piercings for the first months to ensure a proper healing process.

Shower daily

Not all people shower daily, but when you have belly button rings you need to do it. Frequent showering keeps bacteria and germs off your skin, which is essential when you have a new hole in your skin. But make sure you don’t rub the navel area, because it needs special cleaning, as gentle as possible.

Clean your piercing area

Cleaning the belly button is important after a piercing, but it’s a very delicate job. While showering, use mild liquid soap to wash the pierced area. Rub as gently as possible, without insisting too much. Never use alcohol or creams on the area, as these tend to trap in debris. Soaps are to be avoided, being too harsh for the piercing.

Rinse with sea salt

Dissolve some sea salt in the water and then rinse the area – this is going to help the healing process and it’s going to reduce the risk of infections. However, don’t overdo it, because salt can be irritating. Link here a perfect jewellery for you that can suit your styles.

Don’t use cream

Don’t rub the piercing with your favorite lotion or cream, as these are notorious for leading to irritations and trapping dirt around the belly button ring. Even after the healing process is over, avoid massaging lotions into the area.

Don’t take the piercing out

The belly button piercing takes about six months to heal – six months during which you are not supposed to take the piercing out! Stick to this rule to obtain a great navel piercing and resist the urge to change the pierce sooner.